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M100X-ss - CW Melting S/S Kettle : order by size

Chocolate melting kettle with stainless steel body structure, insert and lid from Chocolate World

Allow 2-4 weeks delivery lead time.
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Total Price: P66930.00
Temperature control up to 65ºC.  Dry heating with the use of water.

Available models:
Model # Capacity Power
#M1001 13 Lt 220V 50/60Hz 500W
#M1002 2 x 5.7 Lt 220V 50/60Hz 500W
#M1003 21 Lt 220V 50/60Hz 500W
#M1004 2 x 9.5 Lt 220V 50/60Hz 500W
#M1005 3 x 5.7 Lt 220V 50/60Hz 500W

Origin: Belgium
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