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KRJSET-2 - Kroma Jet 2

Kopykake's all new KROMA JET 2 is sturdy, clean and quiet. And very small! Housed in an attractive case, it needs no maintenance. 
The airbrush is made of precision machined brass, and has a chrome-nickle plated finish.
Perfect for the small shop or the home cake sugar crafter or decorator.
Great Idea
KROMA JET 2 features a constant airflow system, which means that the user merely adjusts flow of color by a slight backward movement of the airbrush trigger.
Delivering a gentle 8 - 14 psi our original air compressor is perfect for fine lines and delicate cake decoration shadings using liquid airbrush food colours.
Sturdy, quiet and easy to clean too the KromaJet 2 is attractively housed in a no maintenance case. With Built-in Airbrush Holder on case.

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Power : 220V
Rated Power : 14psi

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