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SGMAG-R2 - So Good Recipes Magazine #2

RECIPE #2 is a compilation of all the recipes from So Good magazine issues #9 to #16.  More than 1,600 recipes. Over 150 pastry chefs. 332 pages. 
Published by Grupo Vilbo, Spain.  Delivery starts July 2018



The opportunity to cook up this giant recipe collection arose due to the high level of demand from numerous pastry chefs throughout the world, who were not content to purchase only the most recent volume of the magazine, but who wanted to buy all the previous volumes.

This great collection from So Good Magazine enables you to:

  • Access all the recipes from So Good Magazine in one single volume
  • Enjoy those recipes from volumes that were previously sold-out
  • Possess the most extensive and complete recipe collection of haute pâtisserie in existence, with a total of 1600 recipes belonging to the top pastry chefs of the world.
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