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SQ2C-1002 - #SQ2C-1002 Cascade Chocolate Fountain

Introducing the unique Cascade Chocolate Fountain with a unique design that entices customers, saves you money, and is interchangeable with JM Posner standard fountains.

Works between 3 to 6kg of chocolate for 80 people.

Available in both stainless steel or 24-carat electro gold plated

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All of our standard tiered chocolate fountains are already stylish and visually impressive. And the Cascade Fountains are no different - with a little more complexity to our standard tiered versions, these elegant fountains add a WOW factor that lets you show off a more elaborate, cascading centre piece to impress customers. We believe it is good to have options. Our Cascade Chocolate Fountains uses less chocolate than its standard tiered alternative thus saving you money.

Additionally if you already own one of JM Posner's Standard Chocolate Fountains, the top sections of our Cascade Chocolate Fountains are completely interchangeable with the standard tiered models. So if you own both of them, you can decide which will make the greatest impression before each setup.
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